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Analysis in India

Analysis of indian products in India

We will respond to your various analysis requests with extensive analysis methods.

Our testing laboratory is:

  • US FDA approved
  • Approved by Drugs Control Administration, Government of India

It also has 19 years of laboratory operation experience and will assuredly comply with your analytical and technical needs.

Example List of Analyzer / Instrument

Visual Melting Point Apparatus MR-02021208 Melting point or melting range
Colony Counter DBK 5005/03 To count the no. of colony
Vaccum oven CIC-61 To check the LOD
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer Prestige-21 To check the functional group
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA-6300 To check the content and traces of metal
BOD Incubator CIC-71B To Incubate the microbiological plate
Laminar Air Flow CAH 1200 Microbiological preparation unit
Autoclave JRIC To sterilize the media
Binocular Microscope Vision 2000 To check the microorganism
Fume Hood ------- To remove hazardous fumes
HPLC Gradient with RID & UV LC-10AT VP To check the purity, assay and related substances
Particle Size Distribution Analyzer Mastersizer 2000 / 3000 To check the distribution of particles
Flame Photo Meter CL 378 To check the Na, K, Ca metal
Heating Block (Dry Bath) for BET SS-304 For BET test
ICP-OES Optima 8000 To check the metal Traces
Hot Air Oven BTI-29 For LOD
Stability Chamber MK-2 To check the stability of product
HPLC Quaternary Gradient with UV Detectors 1260 Infinity Series To check the purity, assay and related substances
Freezing point apparatus - To check the freezing point
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer UV2600 To check the absorbance
Laboratory Precision Oven TI-128B For glassware Dry Sterilization
Distillation unit WSQ&XL To distilled the water
Muffle Furnace (1160 ºC temp) BTI-36(68668) To make ash of samples
Hot Plate ------- To evaporate the Sample
pH Meter DPH 507 To check pH
Digital Tacho meter EQ801B Rotation Calibration
Microwave digester Mars6 For sample digestion
TOC Analyzer TOC L To analyze TOC in water
Water Activity Analyzer HC2-AW-USB To check the water Activity
Water bath with digital controller BTI-57 9 (S.no.245) For Heating/ incubation
ICP-Mass Spectrometer NexION -2000 To check the metal Traces
Ultra Pure water System Labostar Pro TWF UV To get Ultra-Pure Water
Orbital Shaker BTI-05 For Incubation/reaction
Heating Mantel BT-T2-19 For Reflux
Ultrasonic bath BTI- 48(10L-250H) For dissolving/degassing
GAS Chromatograph with FID&TCD 2014TF To check the residual solvents, Purity, Assay
GAS Chromatograph FID with head space 2030 To check the residual solvents, Purity, Assay
X-Rays Diffractometer Aeris X-Ray powder diffraction
KF Titrator Kafi Smart S.no.KS20050515 To determine water content
○ Great Savings ○
You can save on cost by analyzing samples of Indian products in India itself, thereby avoiding spending on transportation to and import clearance in your country.
Example Cost of Analysis with Our Service
Analysis of alkali metal and alkaline earth metal content by ICP
Approx. US$600.00
Please feel free to contact us by inquiry form, email, or phone!
Sample of Test Report